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Bonus Free-Games at Modern Video-slots

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Bonus games

may be even more important to pull you in.
These should be tempting. That's why more and more winning percentage is being put to free games, bonus spins etc.
This means - you are likely busted unless you have reached free games.

In our opinion, bonus games are best indicators for determine whether a slot machine is »hot« or »cold«.
If bonus gives out good figures and comes up frequently, it might very well be, machine is in a good phase.
Let's say you are playing a 95% payout machine. Actually, you are playing at around 60% rate, the rest of 35% is the amount, dedicated to bonus games.
Bonus games are free, so the money for these must be gained through your regular playing.


Slots industry is a very competitive one.
Software providers are constantly trying to tie you down to your seat and play their slot.
Years ago, slots symbols were only bars, 7-s, cherries, plums…very boring in today's aspects. Oh, and there were
NO bonus games
You can drive an airplane... a forensic...
...or be on the oter side of law.
So, after playing 1.000 spins at 1€ and 60% payout percentage, you will be down 400€.
Let's say, you finally reach bonus games. For 1.000 spins you just couldn't get the 3 scatters, and then they tend to retrigger many times in bonus. At least that happens very often at Novomatic slots.

Naturally, you would expect at least 400€ to break even with the machine.
It happens very often (ok, assuming the machine will take 5% from the total income).
But, not always. Sometimes the bonus is low, no matter how much you've just put in.
Again - these are only assumptions by our team, basing on long years experience and tested many, many times.

We presume, the slot is regulating it's payout by adjusting the mapping, as explained here.
But it's not going to happen instantly. Slots are being played over a long period, and the missing 400€ from the above case can be returned back in a bonus, that will occur in 4 days, maybe in a month.
Or, maybe someone before you got lucky and won more then he invested and the machine is in the moment above 95% payout percentage and will not give a good bonus mapping for some time.

It's hard to be really sure. 
You must get 2, 3, maybe even more bonus games to determine the machine's phase.

Anyway - if you find out the machine is giving poor bonuses and having hard time to even get there - go elsewhere, as soon as possible!


Today you have all kind of theme video slots. Sure, software providers are aiming at you, you should be able to find a machine, that identifies you, your job or (even better) fulfill your secret dreams.
Book of Ra
Dolphin's Pearl
Lucky Lady's Charm
Very popular 
Novomatic slots
- heavy depending on your bonus wins
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