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After years of experience, our team believes, the slots have a »

promotional period


Years ago, a reliable source in a huge land casino showed us the results of 7 brand new, last year's acquired machines.
After a year of operating, one machine was at 103%, the other at 102%, other five machines were just slightly below 100% (from 96%-99%).
But, they all should have a payout at 95%! How come?
Yes, in long term, there will be no mistake:
all these machines will have the same 95% result after three years.
Slot Machine1234567
Payout 103% 102% 99% 99% 98% 97% 96%
First year real payout results (rounded percentage)
But, why were they ALL so much down in first year?
As the same thing occurred many times, we again assume, the machine has a PROMOTIONAL PERIOD to gain some customers!
Not possible? Remember, machines are computer based. Nothing is impossible.
Alone changing mapping would be enough and at today's technology it is possible with a single keyboard key-strike.

Read more about RNG and mapping.
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