Casino Slot Winning Quick Tip


Winning at Slots NOW!

Ok, so you would like to win in this moment?
Go out and kick some buts?
First, choose a casino. Start with No deposit list.  
Or maybe with a good Deposit bonus – choose your platform (NetEnt, Microgaming, RTG, Playtech, Other).

Finding a »Hot Slot«

, check latest »big time« winners at your chosen casino. 
Casinos like to announce these, you shouldn't have hard time finding them. 

Second – if a casino has a real-time winnings list, you're on a good way. 
If you start with a slot that has given out a huge Jackpot – be careful. If the slot is still »hot« - it depends on many factors.
A better idea – start with slots that has recently given out some mid-level amounts (100 – 300 €/$/£).
Try to find a slot, that has given out such amount two times today at most (not more). And if it was 3-5 hours ago, you might be in luck. 
Chances are, almost every player plays the same slor further, once he hits some winnings. 
In the meantime, the winnings just might have been already returned (at least partly), but the machine is still potentionally in a good phase, as it has already given out some amount today.

Playing on the right slot in a right casino

After finding the right casino and slot, our team recommends these steps – here is an example of a 5-reel, 20 lines slot: 
1. First spin should be a bigger one – (let's say 1 €/$/£).  
First spin could be a good one, as someone just seconds or minutes ago might have lost an amount. So it's better to risk a bigger amount. 
2. If the first spin is good (winning bigger than you bet), don't risk too much, but lower a bet to 80c. If it's good again, you're there. You probably have a good slot, but you still can do some more checking by lowering the bet again. 
3. Try to lower your bet and your betting lines. 
Generally, if you get winnings almost every time you change the bet, you very likely have a good slot with great mapping at the moment. 
Best way after this first steps - read our chapters on:
"How slots work", "Casino slot tips" and other.
Keep in mind – at online slots it can be very tricky – someone is playing on his computer at the same time as you are. He might just have more luck and might have stolen you a bonus game in front of your nose. 
If the slot suddenly changes it's behavior, exactly this might have happened. 
Therefore – you should try playing outside »rush hours«.
You'll be able to play without risk of being outrunned.
Still, it has a downside - nothing will be happening at the moment, so no new incomes will come in and you'll get only what others left during the "rush hour" play.
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