Choosing the right casino


1. Exclude rogue casinos

We've done some work for you already.
Most rogue casinos are not present in our lists.
Even casinos with a slight doubt in any area were excluded.
Here you will find only casinos with good reputation.
Still, be cautious, as casinos can change their behaviour with time and maybe the've not been put on a rogue list yet.

Getting payed at casinos is ultimately the most important fact. You do play to win the money after all. Choose wisely, stay out of any doubtful casinos.
importance - extreme

2. Casino ranking at online gambling portals

You should never trust a single online portal – you never know, why they g
ave better numbers to some casinos. You'd be surprised to see, how the rankings of the same casino can vary from one to another portal.

That's why we've accumulated ranking numbers from 6 different portals and basing on these numbers we've come to an average number, calculated from all collected numbers.
importance - very high

3. Alexa rating

is a very renowned site.
You'll find a lot of useful information there about any website.
Their site traffic-rating is showing, how much traffic a certain website has.

Why is this important?
Well, more traffic means more business – and thus better chance of winning and also better chance of a quick payout.
Sure, more traffic does not strictly mean more business, but it's a good lead.
importance - high

4. Payout percentage

Basically, all casinos have very similar payout percentages, between 95% and 98%. You shouldn't worry much about these tiny differences, you most probably won't even notice the difference between the min. in max. payout number.
importance - average

5. Casino "Little Tricks"

a) Bonus wagering requirements
It's not really a trick, but could be very nasty, when playing at high WR demands. We wouldn't recommend taking anything above 25x.

b) Highest allowed stake, when playing with bonus money
Be very careful, usually, it's a matter of "small print", but our team experienced it and some casinos will surely follow the rule, no matter what.
Check casino's Terms and Conditions.
If you can't play at least at 20% of bonus money per stake, it's probably a predatory casino and they will look for any tiny mistake you make to take your money and void your winnings.
importance - high
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