Choosing the Right Slot at the Right Moment


How to Choose the Right Casino Slot?

There are so many casinos and multiple times many more slots.
How to choose the right one at the right moment?
From our experience, we would reckon, only 5-10% slots are in a "good" phase (giving out more than taking in).
You could try following these two options, they proved to be effective.


Big casino winners are a good way to find out your possible winning options.
Many casinos have published big payouts.
These big winning machines might be tight for some time after a big jackpot.
But in our experience, if you play machines with big payouts recently, you will hardly loose. Just play carefully, the machine is in a great phase, but it has just given out big money. It will likely be in a »cold« phase for some time, but must turn quickly.

BUT - there were some clear evidences in the past - many casinos use "fake players" to produce these big jackpots, just to pull in other real players.
You can never now for shure. If a casino has just way to much jackpots, it might be a hoax.


More and more casinos also have real time results.
Winnings in a range 10€ - 100€, that roll up, mainly in casino's home page or somewhere at the edge of your screen.
This info can be very useful. This way you can see, which slots are being played and how much are people winning at these slots.

We would recommend playing these slots. Especially the ones, that recently gave out winnings in a range 100€-200€. These slot are obviously »hot« and are so far not been »robbed«, there is potentially still some space for winnings.
Go there as soon as possible!
Keep in mind – other casino players are also playing the same slot at the same time as you.
Someone might be just a bit quicker or luckier to still your winnings in front of your nose. Be quick, when you realize, the slot is “hot”.

Rush hours (usually evenings and night hours) should be the best time to play in this manner to get best results.
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