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The Casumo Super Snowball!

The Casumo Super Snowball is rolling...
A weekly draw, one weekly winner and
prizes of up to €/£10000!
Players can enter our weekly draw for a chance to win all sorts of amazing prizes:
Cash, a tropical safari, hi-tech gadgets and even a Harley D!

All they need to do to participate is collect 4 snowballs in one week.
A Snowball is like a token. When players deposit a minimum of €/£20, they’ll receive one token (limit of 1 token per day).
When they’ve collected all 4, they’re automatically eligible to
the weekly draw. We’ll give away the first Snowball but they must find the rest by opening upgraded Prize Chests.
The Daily Prize Chest

When players log in at Casumo they’ll get a Wooden Prize Chest every day. This Wooden Prize
Chest will contain valuables and goodies that they can use on their next deposit.
For example, Free Spins for a particular game or a Deposit Bonus. They have 24 hours to open this Wooden Prize Chest and claim its contents.
However, if they want to compete in our weekly draw,
they should not claim the rewards of the Wooden Prize Chest and upgrade instead. 
The Snowballs are exclusively found in Silver, Gold and Diamond Prize Chests
Upgrade the Prize Chest

Players can upgrade the Prize Chest to one that can give them better rewards and Snowballs (to be able to compete in the weekly draw).
They can choose from Silver, Gold and Diamond Prize Chests depending on their deposit amount.
Silver Prize Chest: Deposit between €/£20 - €/£49.
Gold Prize Chest: Deposit between €/£50 - €/£99.
Diamond Prize Chest: Deposit €/£100 or more.

The Draw

The draw will take place at the end of the week.
So the first time they’ll log in the following week, they’ll find a giant Super Snowball waiting for them. If players are eligible to crush the weekly snowball (i.e. collected 4 snowballs), they will guaranteed find rewards (valuables) and they will find out whether they won the weekly prize or not.

When All of this is happening between November 27th, 2017 and January 16th, 2018. 
That’s 50 days of fun (and 7 incredible prizes)!
Prize Calendar

Dec 4th - Zanzibar & Tanzania Safari
Dec 11th -  €/£10000 Cash Prize
Dec 25th -  €/£10000 Cash Prize
Jan 15th -  €/£10000  Cash Prize
Dec 18th - 2018 Harley-Davidson Street 750
Jan 1st - 1015 Digital  Jukeboxsound Leisure
Jan 8th - Tech Bundle
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