"Hot" and "Cold" Phases (cycles) - do they exist?


Slot Machine Phases

You can search all over the internet. The only answer you will find is:
»No, they are just a figment of
your imagination, everything is pure randomness ect.«.

That's because this articles are written either by
order of casino owners, by software providers or internet opportunity seekers – website owners (who don't really play slots, they just copy-paste the facts).
I have just had 9-times the bonus retriggered, but they all say I'm just seeing ghosts, as everything is pure randomness...
Well, we are offering you a different explanation!
First - read about how slot machines work
After this explanation, it's very easy to imagine how things work.
»Hot and Cold Phases« can work on a same manner as Bonus games do.
All of you have experienced bonus games at slot. 
And bonus games very often get »wild«, giving out huge winnings, repeating free-spins etc… 

How come if, according to software providers, nothing changes inside the slot machine?  Sure something must have happened. 
The best possible answer, is the change of mapping between RNG chosen number and symbols, as explained in How slot machines work.
It changes the frequency of winning combinations, but it remains random, only the winning odds can be are higher or lower.

If a RNG would work 100% of time in a same manner, the machines would be quite boring.
You could expect a big win here and there, but no long streaks would occur, no adrenaline would go through your veins when you get 5 times retriggered free spins…
And these are all facts the casino industry badly needs.
They need to »tie you down« to a machine somehow.
Read more also about "Hot and cold phases" at Casino slot tips.
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