Slot Myths Q & A - True or Not?


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Q: Hot and cold phases (cycles) – do they exist?
A: Sure, read more here.
Q: Will playing at higher denominations (5c, 10c...) bring me better results?
A: Yes, playing at higher denominations will definitely give you a better payout percentage.

But, at higher denomination you are losing more money quicker and even though you get a better payback, you will very likely lose more money.
Think about it.
Slots have their own in-out traffic for every denomination.
So, you might be loosing at 1c nomination, but maybe you will be winning at 5c nomination.

Try every denomination and think of it as a separate slot.
If you have a chance, play at higher denominations, as theoretically it should bring you better payout.
However, majority of players play at 1c denomination.
So, the 1c denomination has probably more traffic.
If you hit it at the right moment, it can bring you better results in end effect.
Q: Do machines with displayed "Progressive jackpots" give out less?
A: Yes, machines with jackpots have lower payout % as they must give out a certain percentage to a »jackpot pot«.
You will win less at such slots, of course, unless you win a Jackpot.
Q: Will stopping the reels help you in any way?
A: No. Many people tend to believe they can influence the outcome of a spin by stopping reels. The spin is made in the same moment as you press the button.

The rest is merely a show for you. Because you like it, you like nice pictures and the excitement when waiting for the results.
No one would play slots, where only numbers apperar as a result.
With stopping a reel you only speed up your playing, but the picture you see is exactly the same as it would be without stopping it.

However, reel stopping is a great invention by slots manufacturers. Many people just keep believing they can influence the outcoming result and become obsessed with it. Naturally, this is a great way to keep the customers sitting at slots.

So, many players will say:
«But I stopped the reel and the symbols stopped suddenly, so I prevented it from rolling over and come to some other result, that was ment to be!
Keep in mind - the reels at online VideoSlots are not physical.
Symbols are animated and there is no need for the reel to »roll over« it's whole content to come to the right outcome result. Symbols that would have been rolling in front of your eyes (if you would not have stopped it) were just being skipped.
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